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Heather Foster

President of the Class of 2021

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Aliesa and Reilly since their first year at Yale and can say there are no two people more passionate about or dedicated to improving the quality of student life here at Yale. Their years of hard work for the YCC are unparalleled and reflected in a number of positive policy changes that have occurred on campus; such changes include free menstrual hygiene products in residential colleges, free meals for students during academic recesses, essential protections for students on leave of absences, and SO much more. Because the YCC presidency and vice presidency last only a year, it is essential to elect two individuals with a deep understanding of Yale’s administration and the internal workings of the YCC; both Reilly and Aliesa have this crucial institutional knowledge and, I am confident, will hit the ground running once elected. All in all, I feel so lucky to have gotten to know these two women, both personally and professionally, and truly cannot imagine a better set of individuals to run the YCC during this unprecedented year.

Michael Bochkur-Dratver

President of the Class of 2021

Working as a Senator closely alongside Aliesa and Reilly during my first year, I know that they have the passion, knowledge, and leadership skills to succeed in improving the lives of Yale students in a number of ways, which is the ultimate goal of the YCC. I’ve seen the care, attention, and pride they both put into their work, which will translate into an amazing leadership team.

Walker Atkinson,

Deputy City Director

Alex Gordon and Miles Waits

Deputy Residential College Directors 

We are so lucky to be endorsed by all three deputy directors from last year's YCC Eboard! Walker, Alex, and Miles have done incredible work for the student body and we are so grateful for their support!


according to the CEC: 

Endorsements: Candidates may not receive organizational endorsements before the YCC-YDN Debate on Tuesday, Sept. 15. The CEC will only consider endorsements valid (and publish them on the ballot) if at least one member of a given organization attends the debate on Tuesday, Sept. 15 and has its organization’s president (or equivalent leader) confirm the attending member’s selected endorsements. Candidates who seek endorsements prior to the YCC-YDN debate will face penalties instituted by the CEC.

Each organization seeking to endorse a single candidate for any position must meet the following requirements:

  • The organization has offered all candidates for the position in question an individual endorsement interview of equal length and nature. These interviews should be hosted by the relevant decision-making body in advance of an endorsement decision.

  • The organization has disclosed affiliations (including past membership with any candidates for the position which they seek to endorse) to the CEC prior to filing a petition to endorse said candidate. Organizations with strong affiliations to a particular candidate are urged to consider abstaining from the endorsement process. These affiliations will be disclosed, jointly with organizational endorsement, on the public online voting portal.

  • As previously mentioned, at least one member of the organization must attend the YCC-YDN Debate, and the organization’s president (or equivalent leader) must confirm the attending member’s selected endorsements.